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Critical Thinking Political Discussion Quotes: All Ethio B.A. to Um Meki Su Live : Our new prime minister, Dr. Abiy, has promised sweeping political and economic overhauls to ensure his repented EPRDF regime’s survival, He accomplish many things swiftly in 6 month including Eritrea–Ethiopia peace which gives big relief to the Horn of Africa, even though there’s many serious issues remaining untouched some of them needs his immediate attention some can be deal with later on, The news flash is, when he started he is the new face of EPRDF loved by the majority of the people for magnifying Ethiopianism, In his coming to power Dr. Abiy political game started by playing Christ( Love, forgiveness etc..) that cheers almost everyone, everybody was sort of saying Ethiopia got her Son another Mandela even better one, one’s he switch back the game to play Adam (blame and revenge etc…) people divided and surprised start body language raising their eyebrows, of course some like the Revenge game doing victory dance on social media, even tough because of he have nationalist mentality not separatist that help’s him to his acceptance with majority including by the Amhara, Oromo, Tigran’s, South etc…. people.
The truth is Love never faileth love wins all, that reminds me, few there be that find it . this is a good opportunity for him to show his leadership skill on CONFLICT RESOLUTION how he is going to manage all this situation is crucial, He need peaceful resolution with the North powers and Oromo powers etc… many serious issues remaining untouched some of them needs his immediate attention some can be deal with later, this is our country not only a few in power, Ethiopia’s population is highly diverse, containing over 80 different ethnic groups they all deserve to be listened, the countries is in the highest danger ever. they need new vision to unite the people blame and revenge game got to stope it is rubbish to cover ignorance of leadership,

Tigran’s is accusing him by saying In the name of fighting corruption Ethiopia’s government is singling out on Tigran’s only instead of all, All EPRDF or the new Prosperity party’s have to be accused, authorities of arresting members of its ethnic group in a politically-driven crackdown – an unprecedented public charge exposing deep rifts at the heart of the ruling elite.

One way or another the government of Ethiopia needs more strategies to fight corruption, Collectively the old way Gov business practice all related method, procedure, process, or rule is main door for corruption in the country, replacing all paperwork service old school routine works involving written documents such as forms, records, or letters etc… in all sector with smart digital technology should be the priority agenda strategies to fight corruption. The government needs to be sure the new software and systems are not purchased from Black Markets, the deal need to be done with professionals and well known software companies, of course Ethiopian software Engineers need to involve on the development to make sure and avoid security risk with out hidden hole room to manipulate the software. 4 years ago I figure out when I use ATM machine it usually crashes and they said its networks problem in some point its true but it go’s beyond that, In Addis I notice the ATM uses old XP operating system, after that new released was Vista, Windows 7, 8.1 & 10.

XP wasn’t on the market officially it was a still on the market onside kick way, even though they could buy a newer version operating system same how they buy XP, It would crash if it was still updated any way. XP after 12 years, support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014. Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or technical support for the Windows XP operating system. Now days It is very important that customers and partners migrate to a modern operating system such as Windows 10, the vast majority of the world’s ATM cash machines run on Microsoft’s XP operating system, which officially hit its end of life earlier 2014. This end of XP poses a security risk for ATMs.

Another fix to strategies to fight corruption in Ethiopia is public sector wages are too low that will affect pressure to supplement their incomes in unlawful ways. Paying public civil servants well is one way to strategies to fight corruption, Government of ET needs creating transparency and openness not only on introducing the begets but in spending as well, Establishing international legal framework for corruption control also need lots of work in order to crate accountable for money laundry authorities for high-ranking government officials sitting on the bench’s, That is one way to controls the Ethiopian tax payers money.

this systematic attack on Tigray people and TPLF to weakened the people of Tigray by targeting the representative party got to stop, The same thing to the Oromo oppositions, Now the big fear is if this scale into high tension this can open new conflict with new trigger for high risk to the country. it won’t be easy to manage like the other part of the country, reality can break anyone or any society, it won’t be easy like silly talk on social media walkie-talkie or rabies fake news, it is a sensitive matter and hot button for Doctor Abiy Ahmed he have to lead the nation wisely systematically avoiding any room for unnecessary crisis also to easy the tension. The Gov. medias in ET needs to be disciplined, be foe they lead us to Rwanda way, To stop fabricated rabish fake news is big homework to Dr.Abiy Gov., The big problem is because people don’t know how to filter information they become haters instead of lovers, social media is abused misused in the wrong way for the wrong purpose by users in the society, social media gossip is the major factor to crate high tension among ET tribes it displace millions innocent peoples, on the border of Ethiopia Somali and Oromia, Southern Ethiopian People’s, and Amhara etc… region in the Horn of Africa many become homeless without no shelters they are suffering behind the seen, and the Gov. of ET is not in good shape to reinstate all this people for now, Before it come back to bite Dr. Abiy, the past situation, decision, etc. he have to keep taking actions to balance all things, if he didn’t handle this issues properly or if he live things to them self to bee resolved His poor treatment of his people might come back to bite him some day.

Without any doubt usage of social media needs to be regulated to diffused the poisoned mentality so cooled racism form the nation, even if they have to ask help form Facebook and YouTube [Google] and so on in order to root out the source of the problem.

We live in a society where we must strictly and seriously maintain law and order, When there is law and order in a Ethiopia, the laws are generally accepted and obeyed, so that society there functions normally. If there were a breakdown of law and order, the army and low enforcement must keep intervene. What you see now where vast majority of Ethiopian’s population respects the rule of law, Maintaining law and order implies firm dealing with occurrences of theft, violence, and disturbance of peace, and rapid enforcement of penalties imposed under criminal law, law and order must be restored in full strength in Ethiopia. the verity of our world and Ethiopians give good flavor for life, if everything was uniform life will be boring, do your part to save beloved mother land Ethiopia. may God give them a spirit of wisdom to all leaders in our country. God be with you. All Ethio: B.A.

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