YouTube Shorts 2.0: The Ultimate Guide to New Features and Policies for an Enhanced User Experience

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BIG NEWS: (New Changes) “Enhancing YouTube Shorts: New Features and Policies to Combat Spam and Improve User Experience”

YouTube Shorts are short, vertical videos created using a smartphone and uploaded directly to YouTube from the YouTube app. These updates to YouTube on August 20th will significantly change YouTube Shorts and YouTube channel pages. YouTube Shorts currently receives over 50 billion daily video views, most of which are great videos from legitimate creators. However, some spammers and scammers flood YouTube Shorts with countless re-uploads of identical videos and links to deceptive websites. Effective August 31st, YouTube Shorts comments and descriptions will no longer support clickable links, including clickable social media icons from desktop channel banners. Instead, non-clickable text will replace these links. However, on August 23rd, YouTube will add prominent clickable links to every channel page on mobile and desktop near the subscribe button. Viewers can click on these links to see up to 12 websites the creator chose to add, which also comply with YouTube’s community guidelines. This change will allow viewers to see the destination before clicking and help YouTube monitor these links for spam and abuse more effectively. YouTube has also made a big update that allows creators to connect their shorts to another short, long-form video or live stream within YouTube Studio. This update will have a clickable title above the caption. This linking feature bridges the gap between short and long-form videos. The suggest shorts tool has also been released, which analyzes long-form videos to find the most engaging moments that can be clipped and edited into shorts.


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