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If‌ there’s one⁣ thing ⁢coffee aficionados agree on, it’s that the taste of home-roasted coffee beans surpasses anything you can buy from‍ a store. However, using your oven or stovetop⁣ for this project ⁣isn’t always practical or effective. Enter the ​home coffee roaster: a machine designed specifically to roast coffee beans to perfection.


Among the wide array of coffee roasters available on the ‍market today,⁣ three stand out for their excellent features, ​user-friendly design and ​high efficiency – the​ LUEUR Electric Coffee Roaster Machine, the Upgrade Coffee Roaster Machine, and the JIAWANSHUN Coffee Roaster. In this blog post, we take​ a closer look at these top home coffee ⁢roasters and review their specs, performance, and usability, so you can decide which one might be⁤ the⁢ best addition to your​ coffee toolkit.

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Read on, and get ready to take your love for coffee to the next level! You‍ may ⁢just ​find your perfect partner in caffeinated crime within our list. Your ideal home barista experience ⁤awaits.

Boasting a multifunctional​ design, this easy-to-use‍ appliance enables you to not only roast coffee beans but also cook various other types of beans, peanuts, chestnuts, and even pop popcorn, making it incredibly ​versatile. Its ingenious rotating lever system takes good care of motor load and reduces product faults⁤ appreciably. Additionally, it ‍incorporates an anti-scalding handle⁤ design on both sides for a comfortable ⁤and secure grip. The transparent glass cover ​conveniently allows you to watch the beans as they bake.


Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you might want to consider:


    • Equipped with a honeycomb bottom baked bean plate for uniform heating and easy cleaning


    • Engineered with a professionally designed, heat-resistant cover


    • High capacity holding up to 800g of ‍coffee beans at a time



    • The roasting⁣ process might be long, reaching 24-40 minutes for ⁣800g of ⁣coffee⁤ beans




Product Specifications
Product Size13.58″(L)x13.58″(W)x6.02″(H)
Maximum Roasting Capacity800g
The best amount of roasted coffee beans300g-500g
Roasting Temperature Range0-240 degrees ​Celsius



Overall, this roasting machine is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, home-based coffee shop, or restaurant. If you’d like to enhance your coffee-making experience and create your ⁢unique coffee flavor, don’t hesitate to check it out on Amazon.

Product Features


This home-use⁤ coffee roaster is highly ⁤efficient, ⁣powered by a 1200W heating element which ensures an automatic and uniform roasting of up to 750 grams of green coffee beans in about 25 minutes, ideal for coffee-roasting beginners. With an optimal bean roasting capacity of‌ 300g – 500g, this electric coffee roaster ​ is designed with a transparent lid and vent holes that let you observe the roasting process and the colour change of the beans, while ⁢also enjoying the delightful aroma. BUT, if ​not ⁢in use, the lid can be stood ​upright.


Operating this device is a breeze, just⁣ switch it ⁢on,⁤ set the ​temperature according to your roasting requirements, and the rotating ⁢rods inside the thermostatically ‌controlled, heat-resistant⁤ roaster will do all the stirring to make sure the roast is just right. It’s not only a great solution for roasting coffee at home, but this ⁣durable machine can be‍ used for other purposes such as popping corn, roasting peanuts, etc. Plus, cleanup is a snap ​thanks to the non-stick base. Furthermore,⁣ the machine ⁤features a 0-60 minutes ⁤timer function and adjustable ⁣temperature range from‌ 100-240℃(212-464℉).



Easy to operate with adjustable temperature controls and a built-in timer.It may take some practice to roast beans to individual preference.
Clear lid to monitor roasting process and enjoy the aroma.Roasting‍ at high temperatures may cause smoke.
Multi-function: Can be used for ⁢roasting other food items.Limited roasting capacity per batch (up to 500g).
Easy clean-up thanks to non-stick base.


Click here to check out this‍ versatile home ⁤coffee roaster and⁢ enjoy freshly roasted coffee every day!

Craft your perfect cup of coffee with this high-capacity coffee bean roaster from JIAWANSHUN. This versatile ‌bean roaster‍ offers a temperature control system‍ adjustable⁤ from 100-240℃ and a timer, making it⁢ easy to achieve ⁢your desired roast level every ⁤time. ‍Additionally,⁢ it isn’t⁢ just for coffee beans – you ⁣can use it for nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, popcorn, and more! The optimal baking ‌capacity is 300-500g, just remember that⁤ roasting less than 300g may lead to uneven baking.

This coffee roaster⁢ has a transparent glass cover with four⁤ ventilation holes, allowing you to observe your ​beans at all stages of ‍roasting and to enjoy the aroma as they roast. The honeycomb non-stick bottom is‌ easy ​to clean—simply wipe with a⁤ damp cloth after each use. ⁢Its 1200w high power‌ makes ‌it easy to​ operate, allowing ‌you to roast your favorite coffee in just 25⁢ minutes ​- perfect for both beginners and coffee enthusiasts alike!



Accommodates up to‌ 800g of beans for large batchesBest results ⁤only achieved with 300-500g of beans
Adjustable temperature control​ system from 100-240℃Transparent‍ top but‌ beans can’t be seen clearly when dark roasting
Also usable for roasting nuts, peanuts,‍ seeds, popcornNo mention of warranty
Easy to clean non-stick honeycomb bottom
1200w high ‍power for quick roasting


Don’t ‌just take our word for it—experience the satisfying process of ⁢home roasting and savour the superior ‍flavour of freshly roasted⁢ coffee beans.‍ JIAWANSHUN is⁣ so⁣ confident in the quality of the product, they guarantee satisfaction. If you experience any issues, their customer ⁣support team is ready to help and will send you a replacement right away if needed. Buy your JIAWANSHUN⁢ Coffee Roaster now on Amazon and start indulging in the authentic taste ⁤of home-roasted coffee!

Embody Excellence

And there you have it, coffee aficionados — a thorough look at some of the top home coffee ⁤roasters on the​ market. Whether you decide ‌to go with the ingenious design of the LUEUR, the stellar performance of the Upgrade, or the precision temperature control of the JIAWANSHUN, you’ll be one step closer to achieving that perfect home brew. Not only will​ these machines kick start⁣ your day with a flavorful cup, but they’re guaranteed to fill your ⁢home with the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted ⁣beans. Now, it’s brew time. Put these insights into practice and ⁤remember, behind every successful person is a substantial amount of coffee!⁤ So,⁣ cheers to you ⁣and ⁢your next perfect home-roasted cup of Joe!

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