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All Ethio brings you Ethiopian breaking news, latest news and current news for you; We will give you info and general knowledge about current and past wonderful history of Ethiopia. We are her to reflect the voice of all diversity Ethiopians; Ethiopia has a large variety of indigenous plants and animal species. The Ethiopian Wildlife and Natural beauty is amazing. This is remainder website is informative, educative About Ethiopia, more… Inform yourself renew your knowledge about beloved Ethiopia now, Ethiopia is a land of wonder and enchantment, a country with one of the ancient, richest histories on the African continent, a land of contrasts and surprises, of remote and wild places, home to cultured and friendly people who are descended from some of the world’s oldest civilizations. Beautiful, ethical, sweet, hospitable, admirable. I will say, the variety of Ethiopians gives great flavor to life.

All Ethio brings you Ethiopian breaking news, latest news and current news from trusted Ethiopian newspapers, news agencies and publications all over Ethiopia and Ethiopia related continent. We aggregate and distribute the news from a lots of media organizations by providing easy access to Ethiopian media coverage. We also publish original reporting by our editorial team and journalists. Those stories are labeled “allEthio.com.” All other aggregated and distributed stories are labeled with the name of the originations source.  

Our aim is to fight the fake news and to provided trusted news sources in one organized way for the good of the Ethiopian people and to reflect the voice of all diversity Ethiopians, reporting, analysis and commentary from as many as possible of the influential media in every issue.

If it’s balanced and not terrorist group related news resources we will brings you, Including government and modern opposition parties controlled news, as well as the growing number of independent, professional news publications across the country. In this way, we provide access to a full range of what Ethiopians themselves are saying, thinking and publishing — a unique compilation of information that is valuable to policy makers, businesses, non-governmental organizations, scholars and journalists, as well as to the general public.

 Below is a list of publishers who provide content through All Ethio, including their contact information and, where applicable, a web site address. All Ethio neither edits nor assumes responsibility for stories provided by media organizations, which retain copyright of their materials .

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